Six Pain Points of Customers in a SMM Panel

Six Pain Points of Customers in a SMM Panel

Needless to say, that, the business of Social Media Marketing (SMM) panel has become a fast-growing internet trend nowadays. People from anywhere in the world sign up for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube including many other web platforms, with a view to communicating or promoting their personal profile and marketing their business.

To rank up higher positions in digital media, they place orders to buy likes, followers, and subscribers from the SMM panels. And, in this virtual mode of interaction between customers and SMM service providers, the customers may not always receive the services of standard level from most of the panels online. In this blog, our topic of interest is to cast some light upon the sufferings that a customer or client often faces in getting proper services from an SMM smm.

What do customers really expect from a good SMM panel

If I were a customer, I would definitely expect to have a smooth execution, from the placement of an order to its completion within the declared time in the description. Then, a transparent, fair, and quick money transaction with a secured payment method, is another most important concern that any customer expects from an SMM service provider.

They feel a bit disappointed about not starting the order, sense of anxiety about when to complete it, and ultimately fear and doubt scams. At the end of the day, no one wants to lose a single penny from one’s pocket.

Since 2013, the CheapPanel Smm panel has been observing the complaints and problems through the tickets with keen speculation. As a result, the panel reaches out to some practical analytics on some of these methodological key facts and finds out some major pain points that cause disappointment to the Smm Panel users.

01.  Order does not start in time.

The most common objection from the SMM clients and customers is that the orders they place in the panel, either do not start or are complete at the right time. For example, an order is about to start within hours, but in action it takes many days to be completed, which is very unexpected and shocking too, especially for a new customer.

On the other hand, the professionals like Child panel owners and Api users who basically resell the SMM services to others, get trapped into really great difficulty. Because they buy services from the reseller Smm panel and they should keep their promise to achieve the trust and confidence of their clients. Customers start to make complaints against them when the order is somehow found incomplete in the due time, which is a grave threat for them to run business with dignity.

02. Incomplete Order marked as ‘Completed’ without delivery.

Sometimes wrong order statuses might be displayed on the panel website, which is another confusing problem that customers experience. After replacing a new order, if a customer finds an incomplete order marked as ‘Completed’, or ‘Cancelled’ naturally would make him think twice about the service quality. In fact, the reasons behind this matter could have been from both the panel and the customer’s page URL or account.

03. Dropped Orders are not Refilled in time.

A small percentage of droppings in followers or subscribers from orders is a common trait that happened in the SMM panel services. But if it drops more than 5% to 10%, Customers become restless and get tensed. They generally have an option to refill their dropped order with the Refill button or with the help of the customer support team. Most of the time the refill button does not function properly and the panel does not respond to their tickets.

04. Delayed Refund Policy

Refund Policy is one the most crucial points that causes much pain to the customers. It is also an indicator to measure the trust and honesty of a panel so far. When a customer gets back his invested money, apart from all, he at least believes that this panel is not a scam or fraud.

Though, refunding is a lengthy process, by means of canceling and calculating the remaining balance to send it back to the customer’s account. For that reason, many smm panels don’t even follow the policy.

05. Payment Method.

A secured payment method or gateway plays a vital role in money transactions in the SMM business, especially for API users or Child Panel owners.  Adding money to place orders for multiple services and withdrawing to cancel or get a refund, transparent correspondence is a mandatory demand of an SMM customer.

06. Ticket remains unnoticed for a long time.

Communication SMS between customers and panel or ‘Ticket’, is the way where a customer can communicate with the panel administration. The Customer Support Team answers the customer's problems and tries to provide the solution as quickly as possible. It is so frustrating when a client sees his ticket remains unnoticed and unanswered, he gets eventually dissatisfied.

To conclude, more or less, every SMM service provider panel fails to ensure its performance without any flaws. One of the vital facts is a constant change in the algorithm of likes, followers, and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, and other social media. Another one is, customers always seek the best service at the cheapest price.

CheapPanel is solely determined to find out the root causes and reduce the above-said difficulties that customers happen to suffer. the above-said strong combination among the support team, operating team, and web development team execute a compatible balance in keeping with the ever-changing algorithms and updates of social media.