How to earn money with a Child Smm Panel?

How to earn money with a Child Smm Panel?

Smm Service providing panel business just thrives on easy earning money online. In the arena of internet around 80% of world consumers make their decision to choose and buy products and services by the influence of SMM Panel services.

Among many other ways to make money online, Child Smm Panel business is getting much lucrative opportunities day by day. It is one of the best ways to start social media marketing for the beginners who desires to generate income especially with minimum budget.

How can a child SMM panel be used to make money?

This way of online income through Child Panel is simple, because, first of all, you don’t need any higher degree or specialty on marketing and technology. But you have to have the basic idea how a smm panel works.

Business with Child Panel is easy, on the other hand, as most of the jobs, from set up to providing services to customers, are done by the Mother Panel or main panel ( CheapPanel ). Only one thing upon which one has to focus is to bring / create as many customers as one could by marketing.

If you're interested in making money through a child SMM panel, the first thing you need to do is to choose a good and reputed SMM panel service provider. There are many different panels out there, if you don’t know how to find out the best Smm Panel then you can read our blog  How to choose the right SMM Panel.

Why would Child SMM Panel business be your first choice to start with?

A child panelis like a sub-panel which is fully operated under the supervision of a regular or main panel like CheapPanel. A child panel remains connected only to the main panel integrated through API and the owner can resell all our smm services automatically to the customers. Child SMM Panel is same as regular panel but with limited features and functionalities.

When you buy SMM child panel from CheapPanel, you are integrated to get services from CheapPanel main server which is the same child panel provider server. You don’t have 100% control on your panel but the owner of the main panel has. Only 1 API from CheapPanel can be allowed in your Child Panel.

It is legal and white label business having integrated only one API. In CheapPanel, a child panel costs only 20$ per month without any order limits. Child Panel can be customized according to owners’ choice and design that are developed fully by the Main Panel.

Buying a child panel from an CheapPanel Smm service provider is the cheapest way to do this. Once you have a few clients, you can start earning money through your child SMM panel right away.

How to buy Child Panel?

Here You can have a clear idea about how to order a Child Panel step by step.

1. Buy domain:

First of all, you have to buy a domain name for your script or panel website. You can buy it from company like

If you want to buy the domain by the help of CheapPanel, then CP has this option to provide you all the support to buy and set up your domain account.

A domain name is actually an URL of website considered as web address. When people search for your Panel, they will write that name in the search engine to find your SMM panel online directly.

2. Order child panel

After buying the domain, visit the child panel page by signing up CheapPanel website and then select the "Child Panel" option on your dashboard to order the Child Panel Script with your new domain.. You will then need to input the Domain name or the URL of the child panel.

3. Set domain name server

To install the script or theme for the child panel you just have to modify the name servers on your domain. Set DNS to and to Your Domain (GoDaddy account). However, CheapPanel actually gives full support to the installation of the script into the C-Panel file manager accordingly.

4. Import services and set price

When the activation of your Child Panel is completed, you need to log in to your Child panel admin ( and import our services setting limit 20% to 100% of profit. If you are unable to import our services, you can send us your Child panel admin log in username and password, we will help you to import our services.

Then there are some design works needed to be done for the purpose of your branding and SEO. At the end, you also have to add your new SMM Panel to the Google Search console to be indexed so that people can find your website easily on Google search Engine.

Child Smm Panel business is fruitful for the learners at the beginning level who really want to build career on Smm Panel Business. Regular Smm service providing business is not actually as easy and simple as described above. This sector is so wide and requires a balanced set of people who are skilled in different sectors. By practicing through Child Panel, one can move forward to establish a full Provider Smm Panel or Reseller panel gradually.